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Backflow Testing


Backflow water protection can cause a lot of problems and if not taken care of right away (or properly), could lead to a major problem costing you much more than just backflow repairs. Phil Walz Plumbing, Inc. is a certified Illinois Licensed (#058-115130) bonded and insured Naperville Plumber have five decades of experience to help with your RPZ backflow testing.

RPZ Backflow Testing

Water utilities require annual testing to ensure your cross connection protection devices are working properly and are up to code.

RPZ Backflow Valve Installation

Fixing and replacing a RPZ Backflow valve can be a lengthy process that requires a variety of devices to properly do the job. Phil Walz Plumbing, Inc. employs highly trained plumbers who are able to install the right devices needed to fulfill the installation process. Because these devices are mechanical, they are subject to failure. With good maintenance and experienced plumbers, you can rest assured that your Backflow system will have a longer life span.

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