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Backflow Testing, Inspections, and Prevention Services in Naperville, IL


We offer affordable, specialized, and dependable backflow testing services throughout Naperville, Illinois. Our plumbing specialists offer an expansive selection of repair, installation, and replacement services for backflow prevention devices. Phil Walz Plumbing is a certified Illinois licensed (#058-115130), bonded, and insured Naperville plumbing company that has five decades of experience in the industry.

Commercial spaces and various residential areas are required to install backflow devices to prevent dangerous backflows of water throughout the commercial or residential plumbing system. A water backflow in your plumbing system is possible in areas there is a cross-connection of clean and contaminated water. To ensure your clean water supply is not mixed with harmful bacteria, it is important to receive a formal annual backflow test. Conducting backflow tests in your commercial facility or residential space will help keep visitors safe that utilize the water system. Facilities that do not follow backflow testing guidelines are subject to disciplinary actions.

RPZ Backflow Testing

Water utilities require annual testing to ensure your cross connection protection devices are working properly and are up to code.

RPZ Backflow Valve Installation

Fixing and replacing a RPZ Backflow valve can be a lengthy process that requires a variety of devices to properly do the job. Phil Walz Plumbing, Inc. employs highly trained plumbers who are able to install the right devices needed to fulfill the installation process.

Our plumbing specialists are qualified to test, repair, and install backflow prevention devices. Phil Walz Plumbing will collaborate with you to diagnose plumbing repair and installation issues throughout your building and will select a backflow preventer for your system. Prior to choosing a backflow prevention device, we conduct an audit of your plumbing system and potential risks to ensure an optimal solution.

Contact a plumbing specialist at Phil Walz Plumbing to learn more about our reliable and safe backflow testing & inspection services.