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Drain Cleaning & Faucet Repair in Naperville, Illinois


Drain Cleaning & Repair Services in Naperville, IL

Our emergency plumbers offer fast, efficient, and trustworthy drain cleaning and fixture repair services in Naperville, Illinois. Drain cleaning is often a necessity that many property owners overlook. We recommend having a professional plumber clean and repair your clogged drains once a year to prevent future plumbing issues. Scheduling a drain cleaning appointment will save you money and could potentially prevent an emergency plumbing issue in the future. If you are dealing with an emergency, contact a specialist at Phil Walz Plumbing to receive assistance or advice.

Emergency Drain Cleaning & Faucet Repairs

We also provide plumbing fixture repair to meet your needs, including faucet repair services for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or any other area of your home. Our plumbers also offer faucet replacement and installation services for homes. Contact a specialist to learn more about drain cleaning and faucet repair - don't delay if you notice an issue!


  • Bathtub Drain Repairs

  • Kitchen Sink Repairs

  • Shower Drain Cleaning

  • Floor Drain Cleaning

  • Kitchen & Bathroom Faucet Repair